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      Hydraulic Static Pile Driver
      • Product Details

      By fully understanding the product series and industry dynamics, T-works adapts ourselves to the development of products very quickly.ZYC90 to ZYC180 foundation piling machine of T-works for real estate to press is our newest product and is expected to lead industry development. it is highly acclaimed by the clients for its unique features. At present, T-works are still a growing enterprise with a strong ambition to become one of the most competitive enterprises in the market. We will continue to research and develop new technologies for the birth of new products. Also, we will grasp the precious tide of opening up and reform to attract customers all over the world.

      Applicable Industries:Construction worksShowroom Location:Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia
      Video outgoing-inspection:ProvidedMachinery Test Report:Provided
      Marketing Type:New Product 2020Warranty of core components:1 Year
      Core Components:PLC, Engine, Bearing, Gearbox, Motor, Pressure vessel, Gear, PumpCondition:New
      Efficiency:98%Piling Speed(m/min):5m
      Place of Origin:Hunan, ChinaBrand Name:T-Works
      Weight:80T to 180TDimension(L*W*H):According to the model
      Warranty:1 YearUNIQUE SELLING POINT:High operating efficiency
      After-sales Service Provided:Engineers available to service machinery overseas, Video technical support, Online support, Free spare parts, Field installation, commissioning and training, Field maintenance and repair serviceMade by T-works:foundation piling machine
      Features:No noise, no pollution, no vibrationCrane mounted:8T or 12T lifting capacity available for customers
      Side piling mechanism:3 types available for customersSuitable pile:Tube, concrete pile, sheet pile,PHC pile,H-beam
      Suitable pile size:Max 1meter for round,650mm for squareNew foundation machine:A embracing pile driving method
      New piling machine:Adopt hydraulic to jacking in pile to avoid the noise and pollutionSuitable place:Soft soil, clay,sand, noise-sensitive areas for construction
      Local Service Location:Viet Nam, Philippines, Indonesia, Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, Romania, Bangladesh, UkraineCertification:ISO9001 & GOST & SGS& CE

       ZYC80 to ZYC180 foundation piling machine of T-works for real estate to press or push the concrete pile without noise and vibro


      Product Description

       After over 10 years improvements the quality of our brand T-Works should be one of the best pililing machines in china now.  the advantages is as below:


         1)      structure design


      . this type can ensure the machine to load and unload freely without extra crane,which can save cost for transportation.


      .adopt variable hydraulic systems with low loss and constant power in this series ,apply merging hydraulic systems in the main part so as to save 30% energy consumption;


      .use big power and great flow,and the pile driving mechanism with multi-speed operation to ensure the high efficiency of the while machine;


      .card board connection between horizontal movement mechanism and main machine body make it easy dismantled and installed;


      3)  corner piling technologydirectly move the center pile driving device to the corner piling position, add on some countweight ,so its pressure can be reach to 60%-70% of center piling driving force. This structure of corner piling device wont deform, and with the same style for the center piling, it needt extra clamp.


      4)      low cost for counterweight

        can be put counterweight below crane arm which can decrease height for counterweight to ensure savety operation. 


      The following is the technical specification :


      paramete/typeZYC90B-BZYC120B-BZYC180B-BZYC240B-Bratedpilingpressure(KN)900120018002400pilingspeed(m/min)fast410117.7low1.132.71.8pilingstroke(m)°)15151515risestroke(m)    cirlepile(mm)max300Φ300 Φ400 Φ500 min    sidepilingspace(mm)400720950950cirlepilingspace(mm)800120019001900liftingweight(t)88812liftingpile'slengh(m)7121214power(KW)piling 15376060lifting7.5222230maindimension(m)lenthofwork7.858.210.3011.30widthofwork4.054.45.906.30transprortingheight2.62.92.903.00totalweight(T)≥90120180240




      Packaging & Shipping



      1) Minimum order: 1 unit.

      2) Valid period: 15days.

      3) Package: Nude package.

      4) Payment: 30% of total contract price by TT as deposit, balance amount of total contract price by TT upon inspection before delivery to China sea port for export.

      5) Delivery: Approximated 20 days ready for inspection at China factory from the day of receiving the deposit in full amount.




      T-works is a strong team with  inovative engineers . Patents are the best instruction for us.




      Our Services

         To train operating,maintenance and construction people for our customers.

       Always be ready to answer technical questions concerned from our customers.
       Be responsible for the quality of our products and provide technical service of installing,making ajustment,testing and maintenance on the site in time.
       To dispatch technicans to the worksite at short notice to solve problems or fix breakdowns.
       Keep a record of our customers and be informed of the working performance of our products,feedback and suggestions of our customers so as to make a good cooperation with customers. 


        ? We guarantee to keep our Main Machine in good repair for 1 year after sale and 6 months for accessories. In the guarantee time, any quality problem caused by manufacturing after confirmation of us shall be repaired for free; Exceed the guarantee time, we can also supply repair services to our products charged for repair cost only.



      Company Information




      Q:  Are you a manufacturer or a trading company ? what kind of machine do you produce?

      A: We are a leading manufacturer for kinds of piling machinery with over 20years experience, located in Changsha, Hunan, China. Our main products are hydraulic static pile driver, Bored pile drilling rig, Hydraulic hammer, Disc Pelletizer etc


      Q: What does the hydraulic static pile driver used for?

      A: The hydraulic static pile driver is used for jacking in the precast cast concrete pile. Any shape is ok, like square pile, round pile, triangle pile, tubes,H-pile and so on. It is no noise, no pollution, no vibration during working. It is static pile driving type for piling .


      Q: How about the lead time and payment terms?

      A: Normally it is 30days after deposit is received if there is no special requirements. Both T/T and L/C as payment terms are ok for us.


      Q: How about after sale service and warranty of machine

      A: We will send engineer to assemble the machine and train the operators and maintenance . 1 year warranty for machine structure and 6months for main spare parts, but lifelong after-sale service provided.


      Q: Is the customization acceptable ?

      A: Yes, we welcome the customization.




      Basic Information
      • Year Established
      • Business Type
      • Country / Region
      • Main Industry
      • Main Products
      • Enterprise Legal Person
      • Total Employees
      • Annual Output Value
      • Export Market
      • Cooperated Customers


      Send your inquiry



      They are all manufactured according to the strictest international standards. Our products have received favor from both domestic and foreign markets.
      They are now widely exporting to 200 countries.

      Chat with Us

      Send your inquiry

      Choose a different language
      English English Ti?ng Vi?t Ti?ng Vi?t Pilipino Pilipino bahasa Indonesia bahasa Indonesia ????? ????? ??????? ??????? Português Português русский русский
      Current language:English
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